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The Beauty In Travelling

There are so many reasons as to why an individual would love to travel. Traveling is a very beautiful experience and should be witnessed by all! Not just by Nadine Gourkow! We all have some adventure in us that needs to be released in order to truly appreciate life. Here are a few reasons as to why it is so important to travel at least once in your life.


Traveling will give you a great sense of appreciation for your life in general as well as a great sense of accomplishment. Though it is always not a great idea  to compare yourself with others, it will, however, give you a better idea as to how you are ranking in society as well as what you need to improve on. It will give you a better appreciation for your actual life as well as the experiences that you have had in your past. You will cherish your health as well as the blessings that you have received in this life thus far.


When traveling within a different environment or to a different county you will always get the opportunity to taste different foods, try out different catering services that you have not had the opportunity of trying out before. This may seem trivial and one may say that going to a different restaurant can give you that experience, but it is completely different when you are in that specific country and tasting the actual food from there. The basic ingredients are richer and more pronounced especially since it is coming from the root source.


Traveling gives you the great opportunity of interacting with different and beautiful people within diverse parts of the world. This enriching experience will give a lasting impression on anyone. You get the opportunity to interact with people from different walks of life as well as from completely different backgrounds and societies. Building such connections may give you the leverage required for future opportunities that may arise as well as to get the privilege of learning from a different culture and background. 


The beauty of knowing that you will be privileged to experience another part of the world that we live in is very exciting! Let us take that thought in a bit: you are going to a completely brand-new world that you have never seen before and that is completely unknown to you. Is this not an opportunity of a lifetime? You get to go somewhere that is completely new and different. Travelling will also allow you to have a different perception of life as you will notice a new society with different habits and different ways of interacting. 


Travelling will always give you a great sense of freedom and adventure as you enabled to get out of the regular routines and habits in order to experience different cultures. It can sometimes be a spiritual experience where you are liberated completely. It will broaden your mindset as well as your perspective whiles feeding you intellectually in ways that no other human could. Reading about different places in this world is excellent but having the opportunity to actually witness these different laces and put them into place is another ball gall together.


In general, it is simply an exciting part of your life when you get to experience being on a plane, train or bus for a long period of time. You navigate your way through a crowded airport and witness the buzz from others whiles also feeling their excitement. The feeling of knowing that you are going somewhere new, and not knowing what to expect is also very thrilling.  This experience can also be very soothing and be relaxing as well whenever a vacation is required to just take it easy and unwind. 


The aspect of traveling is not within reach for all people.  Some people, unfortunately, have to live within the constraints of time, health, family, money. An example of this would be a student that has to study but would love to travel as well; that student would not have the opportunity to travel from one place to another due to their responsibilities.  Fortunately, for some, they do not have those constraints, thus have the opportunity to go on trips on a regular basis. 

People often wonder how I am able to travel so much and not actually be broke! There are a few tricks and tips that I usually follow in order to maintain this lifestyle.  Here are a couple of strategies that I have implemented in my day to day living in order to keep me going and to ensure that I am able to travel without any restrictions. 


          Put Money Aside Every Week

The envelope system is very encouraging as it concretely demonstrates the productivity and increase of the accumulation of funds.  Depending on my availability I try to donate at least 40$ to my travelling piggy bank every week.  This money will go strictly to my traveling allowances and nothing else. It will eventually allow me to cover all or part of the price of airline tickets as well as car rentals. Given this technique, I am able to travel once every month. 


          Decrease Weekly Expenditures

We all love to spoil ourselves every now and then and it is very healthy to do it too. It is not necessarily a bad thing to want to purchase that fancy shirt once in a while or to go out with some friends. It is however important to ensure that it does not become a habit as this may take from your travelling expenses as well.  Prioritize good and affordable restaurants to chic restaurants. Go to the cinema the day when the cost of entry is reduced (cheap Tuesdays). Enjoy camping rather than big hotels or hostels during an outing. In short, you see the genre. For you this might mean going for a drink less per week or cooking more at home. These few dollars saved can make a big difference after a few months.


Take a look at other tips that this Nadine Gourkow has to offer! I am so excited that you are here today and I cannot wait to take this journey with you!