About Nadine Gourkow

Welcome fellow traveller! I am so glad you made your way here.  You and I will have an amazing time as we travel the world together by pictures, video, and text! We will support each other through different blogs. I am Nadine Gourkow, a simple woman who loves to travel!

As soon as the opportunity arises, I jump on a plane or in my car to discover a place that I have not yet had the opportunity to explore. Which brings me elsewhere several times a year. Whether in Asia, Europe, America or simply in other provinces of Canada, the fact of being elsewhere, fills me with excitement. For me it is obvious, the trip has become my priority for a long time. I am seized with a desire from elsewhere that is totally insatiable. Even with my feet on a different continent, the ideas of a future trip trot me already in mind!

Obviously, traveling brings me a feeling of well-being, but it’s only a tiny part of what they make me live. In addition to making me work each time a little more my confidence in me, they leave me in my comfort zone. In my opinion, getting out of this area is one of the best ways to grow because I am open to the world and its different cultures. My sense of resourcefulness is often exploited to its fullest. I give you an example, during my first trip to China, in Yunnan, we found ourselves among dozens of Chinese who do not speak any English words, in the bus station of a city that looks like is not part of the conventional routes to try to make the nice lady understand our next destination … Or, I will remember for a long time my friend who imitates the chicken in a restaurant to make the waitress understand that we want to eat chicken … In short, perhaps not always obvious, but oh so memorable! Finally, going to meet other peoples allows me to recharge my batteries, get off my daily routine and bring me back to the base.


Where did this passion come from?

It’s simple, I had her first flight at 17 months and I’m sure it’s since that day that I have the bite. My parents conveyed this interest to me very young and the importance of seeing the country continues to grow since then. My library is full of travel books (I should have shares in Lonely Planet), we could even believe in a compulsion. There is not a week without me coming home with new purchases. I also devour several blogs of travelers or tour of the mondistes. In short, I always bathe in there. The journey never comes out of my head.