Best Summer Festival in Canada

There is no denying Canada is a pretty wonderful place to live. With it’s breathtaking landscape and rich history, there are bound to be some amazing festivals to explore during the summer. From coast to coast, here are a few of my favorites.

  • Parksville, British Columbia – The Quality Foods Sand Sculpting Competition and Exhibition is a magical event where contestant showcase their sand sculpting abilities to a crowd of amazed onlookers. Not only are the sculptures on display, but you can also watch the sculptures take form. The event runs on donation, meaning there is no fixed price, and donations go directly to local charities. Amazement and good feelings all around.
  • Calgary, Alberta – The world-renowned Calgary Stampede. Grab your cowboy hat, boots, and jeans, we are going to the Old West! Most people think of Texas when they think of the old west, but here in Canada, we do it bigger and better. Sorry, Texas! This centennial festival celebrates the good old days with parades, food, dancing, rodeo, music, and culture. There is something to do for everyone.
  • Maple Creek, Saskatchewan – Maple Creek Heritage Festival. Come enjoy a day filled with history, music, and food. This historic gem in southern Saskatchewan is filled with culture. While the festival is only for one day, there are multiple sites to visit, if you are a history buff. Make sure to earmark a tour of this iconic Canadian town.
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba – Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival. It has a little bit of everything. Performance arts, Theatre, Music. You will absolutely find something to do, eat, and shop in this vibrant city. Discover a wide range of activities. It’s just an all-around fun outdoor experience.
  • Toronto, Ontario – Doughnut Festival. You heard me. Doughnut Festival, where the city’s top doughnut makers come to keep you happy. Not the best day to start a diet, mind you, but ideal if you want to indulge yourself to flavours, and textures to divine to describe. A must go!
  • Ottawa, Ontario – A detour to our beautiful capital, The Ottawa Bluesfest is a great place to see amazing local and international artists amaze you with their talent. There is, obviously, music all around, but the organizers think of everything. With food aplenty, the city takes on an easy-going flair.
  • Montreal, Quebec – Montreal is a city filled with culture and history. And also great comedians. The Montreal Just For Laughs festival has had the world cracking its ribs with shows from world-renowned comics, to new talents. You will find your style of humour here, with a multitude of free shows and some pretty grand galas.
  • Moncton, New Brunswick – Inspire Festival. This edgy street art festival completely transforms the street of Moncton with murals, live art, performance and so much more. There are event s for kids, as well as some slightly edgier for adults. You can even offer your skin as a canvas for some of the artists! Who did not like face painting as a kid. With all the activity you will see, your mind will be completely blown away by the talent.
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia – The Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo is not about skin art. It is an all-around celebration of the Nova Scotia spirit, with military parades and shows, dance troops, music and event some daredevil displays. Small Nova Scotia shows her Might with this display while sharing the stage with international military bands for an all-around experience that will leave you bursting with pride to call Canada home.
  • Prince Edwards Island – The Festival of Small Halls does not have a single location but helps you discover the beauty of our smallest province. By traveling from one church to another, like a scavenger hunt where each location brings you musical gems. Discover the province’s orchestras and gospel groups through the aptly named Festival of Small Halls.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador – The Iceberg Festival. Yup. Iceberg. What I am talking about is a summer festival. Within Iceberg valley, you will find the perfect location to view icebergs floating down from the arctic circle. On top of being able to snap breathtaking pictures of the floating giants, you will find multitudes of delightful shows by musicians, comedians, and even a few magicians. If you dare, you can even take the polar bear dip. Despite the colder temperature of this summer festival, you will find the people there warm and inviting.
  • Whitehorse, Yukon – Adäka Cultural Festival. Celebrate Yukon’s diverse First Nations culture during the Adäka Cultural Festival. You will be invited to participate in workshops, get involved in live performance, and learn about his vibrant culture. Come immerse yourself in this truly exceptional celebration of the First Nations culture.
  • Yellowknife, Northwest Territories – Have you ever considered golfing at midnight? Sounds impossible, right? You would never be able to find your ball, no matter how well the course was lighted. The Canadian North Midnight Sun Golf Classic takes care of that for you. No need for lights, the sun simply doesn’t set! Come enjoy the strangest, but most enjoyable golf classic at this all night long tournament, with banquets and pro workshop. It’s worth staying up all night.
  • Somerset Island, Nunavut – Nunavut has a lot of rugged terrains. The Northwest Passage Marathon is known as the toughest marathon in the world. Set in a wilderness trail, the Northwest Passage Marathon is an amazing way to trek through history and discover the stunning beauty of our youngest territory. Make sure you are well prepared if you are going to participate, as this marathon is quite remote and well within the arctic circle.

To conclude, Canada is filled with history, culture, talent and stunning scenery. If nothing else, heading out to one of those festivals and discovering this beautiful land we call home, one province at a time. You may just find yourself exploring more of our country and having a new love for the different cultures that shares the coveted title of canadian. Enjoy yourself, travel more, learn more. There is no better way to spend a summer.

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