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The Love Of Travelling – The Strategies Implemented 

Traveling around the world is truly an incredible experience! Going out of your comfort zone and navigating your way to a completely different country whiles meeting totally different people is always a very exciting moment. The joy of getting acquainted with the different scenery, neighborhoods and even the food is incredible and should be encountered by all. It can,  sometimes get a bit overwhelming when considering how to plan the trip and what to bring along with you. There are so many different items that you possess at home and would be tempted to bring everything with you. You must, therefore, be able to decipher the relevance of the articles that you would like to bring as well as the necessity whiles on your trip. Nadine Gourkow faces this same dilemma when traveling to multiple countries and thus being on a limit when it comes to the size and weight of the suitcase in question. One must, therefore, take a lot of aspects into consideration in order to truly choose what would be needed for the trip.

Here are a few steps that can be taken in order to ensure that irrelevant items are not brought on the trip and mandatory items are not left behind!


The first Step By Nadine: Make A List

Making a list of what you plan to bring with you on your trip may seem very trivial and insignificant but rest assured that it is probably THE most important step to take when organizing yourself for your trip. Not only will you be able to keep track of all the items that you have brought with you; just in case your suitcase goes missing, but you also have the assurance that certain items were definitely packed and that they were not forgotten at home. When writing a list of the articles to bring with you on your trip you then get to assess what must be left behind and what must actually be packed in your luggage. Once you are convinced that the list is complete, you can then go ahead and select the items listed whiles placing them directly into your suitcase. It is full proof and you will have the peace of mind needed when traveling.


Second Step: Bring Virtual Copies Of Your Important Documents

Do not be careless with your personal identity whiles traveling! In the event that any personal information is found in the public; your information can very easily be used for identity theft or even fraud. Be careful. In the event that you actually do lose or have your personal documents (your passport or your children’s travel authorization documents) stolen, you would at least still have the information on your mobile phone and would not need wifi to access the information. You would then be able to contact a representative in order to cancel the information before it is used.


Third Step: Think Light When It Comes To Personal Toiletries

Do you really need that extra hold spray for your hair? You will be staying in a hotel; will that hair drier really be necessary to pack since it is offered at the hotel? These are all items that can easily be left behind. Why fill small bottles with shampoo and shower gels when the hotel offers all of these amenities? Why not go with what is offered at the hotel? The hotels will also provide towels, therefore there would be no need to pack big towels in your suitcase. Think: Simple, Think: Small! No need to bring items with you that you will not use during your trip.


Fourth Step: Create A Miniature Closet

Does it really matter that you wear the same shoes three days in a row? Can you wash your t-shirt after having worn it once? These are all little tips that can easily be implemented in order to cut down on packing size. Instead of bringing five pairs of shoes for example, can that be limited to two? Can a shoe be brought for casual occasions (running shoes) and another for formal wear (high heels or dress shoes) instead of having multiple pairs of shoes? Instead of bringing multiple colored shoes maybe a black, brown or neutral colored shoe will work as it goes with most outfits.


These simple tips from Nadine will set you on the right track to pack a suitcase that is efficient.

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