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How Far I have Come From

I have not always loved travelling. The very first time that I boarded a plan (years ago) I quite recall crying my eyes out for fear of never returning, or for some reason that at the time made perfect sense to me but has become so unclear at the present moment. I was so afraid that I refused to place anything in the overhead container on the actual aircraft. I wanted to keep everything with me at all times. In terms of personality, I was very timid and shy. I was very naïve due to the fact that I did not have solid life experiences that I could put my finger upon. I felt very insecure and did not have a lot self-worth or self-confidence. I was always reliant on those around me; my parents, my friends and more. Though at the moment it was very convenient for me to rely on everyone and not upon myself I later understood that this was a crutch to me as I never took the opportunity to actually practice anything. It was so bad that I did not even know how to take the bust because someone was always giving me a lift to and from all my destinations. Forget driving! Nadine Gourkow did not even know how to use a staring wheel! Just as how I was over protective and lacked confidence, so was I also afraid to try different meals as well. I shied away from eating anything that was too spicy or that I did not recognize by name or appearance. In doing so I was losing out on all of the many opportunities that life had to offer.

I got on the plane on May 16th 2009 with the intension on changing all of these fears into victories! Though I was terrified of absolutely everything and suffered from debilitating anxiety which usually lead to panic attacks I decided to push myself through in order to reach my goal.  The first destination was to Cuba. I decided to start small since this would be my absolute first time on a trip. Though I was a lone I did meet a lady about a couple of years older than I in the line and we automatically gravitated towards one another. She explained the process of flying in great detail and broke down what I was to do once I got to Cuba. I was very grateful for the information as it would help me follow the right steps to the hotel.


What Steps Did I Take?

The first thing I did was to overcome my fears. Fear will cripple your mind, body and should and then turn right around to make fun of you that you have not been able to accomplish anything. I eradicated fear completely from my life! I was therefore able to eat food that did not necessarily look or smell good but were actually delicious. Working on my confidence also gave me a great boost to life in general. I became more tolerant not only with others but with myself.

Travelling has changed me immensely! I went from a shy old girl to a confident and brave woman.