Finding And Keeping A Stray Cat

It Will Not Be An Easy Task To Perform 

When the term “stray cats” is brought up, the person in question is usually referring to cats that are, unfortunately. According to Nadine Gourkow these homeless cats are be found almost anywhere on the planet. There are not too many stay cats in France, but in the United States, there is estimated to be about 70 million stay cats. The life of a stray cat is usually very short and challenging. Given the fact that they are not spoon fed all the time they tend to easily be sick and easily contaminate other pets and animals. Given the fact that they are hungry, they kill animals like birds or sometimes chickens and can reproduce quickly because they are not castrated. When a person gives care to a stray cat, they not only give them a chance to be loved and happy in life, but they also give them an opportunity to change the world. One thing is certain: it is not easy to train a stray cat,   you will need to make some expenses at the vet, as well as provide food and care.  Regardless of the circumstances, you would have gained a new friend that would be involved in your life as well as the life of the ones in your home.


What Must You First Do

Observe the cat. The first thing to do is to make sure that the cat you want to help is indeed a stray cat and does not belong to someone else. If the cat has a collar, then it is a clear indication that they belong to someone. Verify first with your neighbors to find out if anyone within the vicinity has lost their cat. At times pet cats would just decide to leave their home for no apparent reason, therefore, you might want to double check that it is not a cat from the neighborhood that has an owner already. You may wish to contact the local veterinarian in order to ask if anybody has reported their lost cat. You would need to describe the stray cat that you found, therefore you might want to take a picture of the cat so that you will not forget the description when asked.



Be very careful as stray cats can be sometimes very aggressive and possess very unpredictable and contradictory behavior.  Approach the stray cat gently but be aware that you have other pets at home that could contract that a disease. The bite of a sick cat can be very problematic and have unfortunate consequences on both a human and an animal. To approach a stray cat, wear clothes with long sleeves and put on gloves. Do not forget that cats can transmit rabies and that even when you are fully protected the sharp teeth of a big cat can penetrate the sleeves of a coat or your gloves. Though it is very strange for this to occur, the cat could have rabies. In a neighborhood where there are lots of stray animals, the cat could have contracted it from there.

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