What is Homesickness

Have you ever felt as though you simply want to get away from your current environment? That you just want to travel somewhere else? See new faces, visit new locations and experiment with different cultures? You just want to get away in order to be alone in a different part of the world. That feeling is completely natural given the fact that though you love your family and friends, at times you simply want to have some “me time” whiles doing absolutely nothing but taking it easy and relaxing. What sometimes happens, however, is that once you do get the opportunity to actually relocate temporarily and you are on your trip, you get that amazing feeling that everything is just perfect and just as you would want things to be. All of a sudden you start feeling a bit awkward and a bit sad for no apparent reason. Nothing in that new location seems to please you anymore and you feel like leaving.  What you would call that feeling is homesickness. Though it is a very normal reaction, lots of people have difficulty understanding why they feel that way and thus try to drown and suppress that feeling with so many different influences whether it be beneficial to the body or not. Usually, when you are homesick you typically miss the family, friends, pets and more that you live with. The feeling is not only felt by children, but by millions of men and women in different walks of life around the world. Being a frequent flyer herself Nadine Gourkow would have a better understanding of what it truly means to be homesick. Due to the fact that we get a sense a security with familiar faces, surroundings, and routines, it is sometimes almost impossible to break those habits for a long period of time. After a while, you will start missing your home space or your family member and friends.


Steps To Take to Overcome Homesickness

  • Before you go ahead and book your flight for a trip to the Bahamas for three consecutive weeks you may want to do a trial run to gage how realistic your end goal actually is
  • Try organizing a trip that is shorter and closer to home in order to see how that makes you feel. This will give you a better idea as to how you would feel if you were to go on a longer trip to further destinations.
  • At times too, simply traveling with someone or something that reminds you of home can bring great comfort. It may be a sibling, a friend, a parent and it could simply be a physical object such as a teddy bear, a notebook, an old t-shirt or more.
  • Calling home once in a while may also help as you can then hear familiar voices which will bring back memories and bring back the comfort that you need
  • Stay active and engaged as much as you can during your trip. Try to avoid dull moments as that will get you to start thinking about home. Travelers such as Nadine usually have organized schedules that they follow so that they ensure to complete all the tasks on the list.
  • Immerse yourself into the culture by interacting heavily with the locals, building new connections and networking with anyone that comes to view in order to not only establish new friendships but to get a first-hand learning experience.

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