How To Eat Well When Travelling

Making the conscious decision to eat a balanced and healthy diet at when in the comfort of your home is already a difficult task to perform, one can only imagine how it must be when having to deal with eating properly when traveling. Yet, whether you want to maintain your frame or just maintain a healthy lifestyle all together it is essential to devote some time and thought into assessing how you will remain consistent when traveling. Here are some key points that Nadine Gourkow would strongly recommend to remember throughout your journey.

Always Start Your Day Off Right: Proper Breakfast

Avoid white bread and jelly as much as you possibly can. Instead;  take in some wholegrain bread topped with ham or cheese, which will bring you better satiety especially given the fact that this type of combination is a good source of nutrients for the body and mind. Oatmeal with dried fruits (prunes, figs, dried apricots …) and some almond nuts all covered with milk or yogurt, will be the breakfast that will help to resist any temptation of hunger. Do not also hesitate to take in whole fruits which are rich in fibers.

Refrain From Going To The Restaurant Every Single Day

Constantly visiting the restaurant whiles traveling will make it difficult for you to maintain a balanced and healthy diet. Indeed, fruits and vegetables are very poorly represented and portions are usually too rich and too big for one to consume. It is true that the whole purpose of traveling is also to test the traditional dishes of the country or region. In this case, Nadine would highly recommend that you allow yourself to be tempted but, in moderation! For most days try to content yourselves with what your kitchen has to offer but when you do have a craving treat yourself but do not make it a habit.

Rule Of Thumb: Choose One Dish Only

This rule would especially apply to those that have the tendencies of eating at buffets. They would have adopted the habit of eating multiple dishes in order to try out everything in the restaurant. You may also apply this rule if you are invited to a friends place or even during the holiday period. In the event that you do not have the opportunity to actually make a meal for yourself and that you have not been eating so well for that past few days try as much as possible to limit yourself to only one dish. Try also to limit yourself to that one dish that is not as rich as it contains many vegetables and grilled fish.

Focus On Fruits And Veggies!  

This goes back to the previous tip as eating fruits and vegetables at every meal will give you the balance that you are looking for. Whether you are at the restaurant, on a picnic or cooking for yourself, consider integrating them into every meal. The rich vitamins and minerals will help you maintain a good function of your body. In addition; replace some of your starchy food with vegetables, as this will lead you to decrease the caloric density of your meal and therefore keep your frame! As far as fruits are concerned, nothing is easier: one for each meal and why not in the form of a fruit salad to vary the pleasures? Have a good amount which will serve for the evening meal instead of dessert as well.

Finally… Move!!

This is usually not a difficult task to perform especially when on a holiday vacation as you would be prone to swimming, hiking, shopping or simply taking an evening stroll. In the event that your holiday vacation is to simply do nothing, try at all cost to integrate some physical activities that will get your heart pumping.

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