How to Travel on a Budget

The number one complaint I hear from people is that they cannot afford to travel. This must be the reason for the increasing number of people taking what they call a “stay-cation”. If you are not familiar with that term, let me explain. A “stay-cation” is where you stay at home on your vacation. Presumably, you do things during that time that you don’t have time for when you are working. While it is good to be productive around the house, the brain needs some time to get rested and not do much of anything. This means that when you are on vacation, you should be doing the things that you are not going to be able to do when you are older. In other words, take those vacations when you are younger. While you will have more time when you get older, there is no guarantee that you will be in good health when you get there. When you get older, that is the time when you are going to want to do things around the house. You can do a bit of travel as well, but it is better to do it when you are young.

That being said, you need to learn how to travel on a budget. Since you will likely have less money when you are younger. In this blog, I am going to go over several different ways that you can save money when you are traveling. These should be easy for most anyone to do. Even if you are getting up there in age but didn’t save enough for retirement, you can still benefit off this list. I hope you enjoy the ways I have put together.

Traveling Budget

If done properly you can vacation on a shoestring budget. Take the time to read over the list below and you will be able to travel almost anywhere.

  • When you are on vacation, you don’t want to have to pay for all the meals when you are out. Instead, you need to find a hotel with a free breakfast in the morning. Take full advantage of everything they have to offer. Get as full as you possibly can without feeling the need to take a nap. This meal should tide you over until lunch, easily. Then, have a very light lunch. After all, you don’t have time to sit down and waste precious daylight hours stuffing your face. For dinner, you can always do something nice. The point of this is to not have to pay for three meals in a day. I do understand that hotels that offer “free” breakfast build it into the price of the accommodations. However, that is something you plan ahead for and know the price already. That way, you don’t need to try to calculate breakfast into the spending money budget.
  • Depending on the place you are staying, you might benefit from using the grocery store. Even one meal out a day can get a little expensive. Instead, if you are in a hotel that has a mini-kitchen in each room, capitalize on it. Hit up the local grocery store and buy some groceries. This will save a lot of money on eating out in restaurants. Don’t get me wrong, you are going to want to eat out at a couple of places. You just need to make sure that the places you go are well worth it.
  • There is a lot to be said about traveling off-season. Most places know that there are a lot of people that travel in the summer. This means they are going to raise their rates at those times. To avoid spending too much on your vacation, go to the place at a time when not a lot of people are there. The places still need to fill rooms, tours, and seats. They are willing to drop prices just to fill those vacancies. Take advantage of this. You can travel a lot more and even more frequently if you simply take the time to go when it is less busy. This time of year is great for people that don’t like a lot of people around as well.
  • When people hear that you are going on a vacation, they always want you to bring something back for them. Try to resist that unless they are paying for it. You want to spend as little time in shops as you can. They make things in there very attractive to the tourists. They have all sorts of things with the location’s name on it. They know that people are going to want proof that they were there. In a recent study, it showed the number one thing that causes people to spend too much money on trips is gift shops. Whatever you do, make sure you stay out of them as much as humanly possible. The items are not really that great, to begin with. Additionally, they are marked up far above the actual value of the item. Keep your money for a night out instead.
  • When you do decide to eat out, get away from the main city. This is where the prices are the most expensive. When you go to the places where you see a lot of locals, you know that the price will be a lot cheaper. This is because they know the locals are not going to pay crazy prices for the same food they are serving in the city. In addition, this will be the most authentic food in that country. In the city, they tailor the food to the pallet of the average tourist. The food at the other places is made for the locals. If you want to enjoy authentic at a cheaper price, hit up the mom and pop shops.


If you follow the tips, I provided you above, you will not spend too much on your vacations. This will allow you to take more vacations more frequently. Get all your vacation time taken care of when you are young and able to enjoy it.

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