Montego Bay – Jamaica


My Visit To Montego Jamaica

Located on the north coast of Jamaica, Montego Bay is a city of just under one hundred thousand inhabitants. It has become a touristic destination due to its beautiful beaches but especially due to the international airport, which happens to be the largest within the country. Traveling through the Islands and therefore decided to end my stay in beautiful Jamaica.

I was able to find a host through the website which is a global French tour site that is not that active. Though the tour guide was not a local to the country they were still able to give us an in-depth guide of the area. She knew the country perfectly and was able to advise me wisely as to where to go and where not to go. When I first introduced myself to her as “Nadine Gourkow” she simply stated her name and mentioned the fact that she was very happy to know me. She also welcomed other travelers that were on the same adventure as I.

For our first day of visiting, our tour guide brought us to the “Rasta village”, as she mentioned that it was a very interesting place to be and a great site to see. There was a bit of a problem in terms of actually locating the area as people were not very familiar with the location. We finally managed to find a taxi driver who claimed to be able to guide us to the “Rasta village”.


Taxis in Jamaica

When traveling within Jamaica I always ensured to use the taxi services as much as I possibly could. As much in the capital. With the bus system, it would sometimes be quite difficult to move my belongings around.

The collective taxi system (which is very similar to the Uber system, is really cheap and proved to be the only real alternative. What’s great about this system is that the prices are fixed and permanent for everyone whether you are a local and/or a tourist.


As We Travelled Along…

After driving for about half an hour, the taxi dropped us at the entrance of a plot that was painted with Rastafarian colors. Nevertheless, nothing or nobody was found inside. We ended up stumbling upon a man who explained to us that this was not the village that we were looking for. He was very stern when speaking he made us aware that there were multiple locations nationwide where the Rastafarians would meet on a yearly basis to celebrate their religion and belief.

We decided to return from our journey as we came to understand that we were not in the village that we were looking for but we were glad to have made the many contacts.


More Visits


The next day, I went to the Rose Hall Great House, known as the most beautiful home in Jamaica. Built in 1770, legend has it that it is haunted by a certain Annie Palmer, who killed three of her husbands there. Although there was not enough time there, the tour guide of this perfectly restored house and its gardens was very informative and efficient. I nevertheless regretted the speed of the visit, as I did not have a lot of time to linger in the different rooms in order to explore further.

In the morning, my host guided us to the Dunn Falls, which followed at Ocho Rios, and is about a hundred miles east of Montego Bay. The goal is to get to the bottom of the falls and then make your way back up barefooted. My first reaction, seeing the attraction and dozens of people (tourists and Jamaicans) trying to somewhat progress was: “I really do not see the interest in doing this, and besides…it is way too dangerous! “. It was just a matter of time before I found myself climbing the beautiful Dunn Falls! The rest of the trip was spent traveling around the numerous beaches of Montego Bay and allowing the sun to bask our skins as we sat by the shore side.


Truly a trip to remember and to cherish.




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