My Trip To Paris

Oui, Oui, C’est Paris!

Every since the youthful age I have always dreamed of being in France. The reason for that was not to simply see the Eiffel Tower but to experience the Parisian life. You may know how much I prefer freshly baked croissants with a latte, rather than a few slices of bacon and some bread. I strongly believe that Partis was destined for me specifically. I must have been born in the wrong city. Just to begin with its fine cuisine, its love for dogs, its architecture, their amazing and classy way of dressings and its confectionery that I must have tasted at least once in a lifetime. I traveled there once for school but had to return. Traveling within Paris as Nadine Gourkow, a researcher and passionate lover of animals and healthy food could not have been any more perfect.

It is always very difficult to talk about things that are dear to me; even the most beautiful words seem to be trivial and meaningless. Sometimes, quite simply, I can not find words to describe something, because what will really be able to speak is the heart. This is so with regard to my trip to Paris. When someone asks me to speak about Paris, with eyes almost filled with tears and with great emotion, I begin to tell. But no word can truly describe what my eyes saw when in this lovely and energized city.

My Experience In Paris 

I believe that I was very fortunate due to the fact that I had the opportunity and privilege to actually see my dream come true. I have always wanted to visit Paris, to walk in the streets, to admire the architectural beauties, to meet new people, to see and experience different mentalities, to listen to their different music preferences that I was imbued with at school. I remember humming the songs of Patricia Kaas, Lara Fabian, Dalida, and Mireille Mathieu. French music has always been a way to identify myself with France. As a little naive child, I dreamed of my life in France and rarely did I think that this dream could actually materialize itself.

I heard stories about the city, I saw movies about Paris, I listened to songs about the city of light, the city of love, the city of the Eiffel Tower, I saw images. I knew all that, I knew where Paris was, I knew what I could see, I knew how to get there, I knew the names of the streets and places; but what a difference with all that I knew; nothing could be compared with reality.

My Love For Paris

I arrived in Paris on a beautiful spring day of 2010, a day that will be forever printed in my heart. After a year, I try to pick up the pieces of my memories. It was the most beautiful spring of my life.

The city covers us with its energy, and we do not know where this positive energy comes from: people are passing from the sky , the wors of art is very evident. I enjoyed every day lived in Paris: every morning when I woke up, every coffee drank with a cake from the bakery, every person who smiled at me, every single moment.

For everyone, Paris is unique, different. Simply, I fell in love. And again it’s spring, and I dream of you, Paris!

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