The Beauty Of Vermont


Vermont is an absolutely beautiful place to simply unwind and take it easy. You can completely disconnect from society and all the hustle and bustle of city life. So many people think that they must travel for days in order to truly get the peace that they desire but little do they know that just around the corner is a beautiful and calm town where they can simply be in complete serenity. Nadine Gourkow absolutely loves to visit places that are not targetted by tourism as she can truly disconnect and remain to herself.

Vermont is a very unique and invigorating place that values independence of spirit, kindness, passion for sport and ingenuity. From the inhabitants to its landscapes, its heritage, its well-marked seasons, the flamboyant colors of its autumn foliage, its famous maple syrup, its famous breweries and an abundance of unparalleled snow on the East Coast make the State of Green Mountains a wonderful destination, conducive to all kinds of travelers.

Respect for the land is a long tradition of the people of Vermont, as they are committed to preserving the environment whiles sharing their love of nature. Two centuries of farming traditions have shaped open-field landscapes that stand out from the surrounding mountains, whose ridgeline marks the Long Trail, the country’s first long-distance hiking trail.

The Green Mountains are very old mountains as the present form has been sculpted by several ice ages. The characteristic stones of this state (granite, marble, and slate), as well as its minerals, are still extracted today. Vermont has more than 220 mountains over 600 meters above sea level, with its highest point, Mount Mansfield, reaching 1,340 meters. The mountainous areas of the state are mostly covered with forests. In fact, although the 251 cities of Vermont were built on lands whose forests were clearcut in the late nineteenth century, more than 75% of the state’s land is now home to forests. This is why Nadine loves to unwind in this beautiful town.

At the foot of the mountains and rolling hills lie fertile valleys suitable for dairy farming and the extensive cultivation of cereals, fruits and vegetables, not forgetting horses, cattle, goats and some emus. Vermont has long been at the forefront of the locavore movement, from farm-to-plate restaurants, artisan cheese makers and farmers’ markets, with the largest number of artisanal breweries per capita in any US state. United. In recent years, many vineyards and several remarkable distilleries have settled here.

In the event that this is feasible for you it is highly recommended, to spend several days simply contemplating the landscapes, you will have even more fun to browse them. You may want to explore picturesque roads and well-maintained trails by foot or by bike. Travel historic the city centers, to contemplate the peaceful villages and covered bridges while walking or running. Visit the workshops of the many leading artisans and discover their creations. Deepen your knowledge of history by participating in guided tours of historical sites and museums. Launch your line in a lake or stream, or relax by the sea in the heart of a preserved state park. In winter, head for the snow-covered slopes and have fun riding down a ski or snowboard ramp, or share the trails with former or future Olympic champions.

Regardless of what your trip has to offer you know that you will sleep in a serene city at night, whether you are camping under the stars or cozying charm of an inn or succumbed to the comforts of home or a luxury hotel. Above all, relax and take the time to discover the region. In Vermont, one thing is certain: each season gives way to another. With the seasons, it is also the landscapes, the hobbies and the way of life itself that change … until the shoes. Each season offers new opportunities to explore the world around you.

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