How To Overcome The Possibility of Depression When You Return From Your Trip  

Can The Feeling Ever Go Away?


The famous depression upon your return from your trip. This depression gets me every time I return from a trip, regardless of where the trip would have been. I sometimes even try to convince myself by talking to myself whiles saying “ Nadine Gourkow, get it together, this must stop! You will not be sad, you will not be depressed, you will get over this!”  This would usually last for just a couple of hours, or minutes as the sad feelings of leaving such a beautiful place in this world would rush through my mind. Focusing only on the good moments of the stay, the nostalgia it brings makes my daily returns even more difficult. In these moments, I always feel as though it would be better for me to live oceans away on another part of this world.  It is only normal that when travelling I always feel much more relaxed and at peace with myself then when at home.  My senses are continually stimulated which keeps me at all times in the moment and I really like the vibe that I have when I travel. It always breaks my heart to know that I am leaving the peace and serenity in order to go back home.  When I travel, I always feel much more relaxed than at Quebec at home. My senses are continually stimulated which keeps me at all times in the moment and I really like this vibe that I have traveling and that I always have a hard time keeping 100% at home in my daily life and my life. routine. What always pains me a lot, when I come back, is to see that I move away from this way of being that I like a lot.


What Steps To Actually Take Upon Your Return

 Throw away all feelings of “travel blues” as soon as possible! I remember very well, one of my biggest travel blues was when I returned from Vietnam. I would have liked to stay there for a life time. As soon as I arrived I began to cook pho, even for my breakfast, as the routine wants there. I was still immersed into the Vietnamese culture and it was almost impossible for me to come to terms with myself that I was now back in Canada. It is important to force yourself out of that state my changing your mindset. Also extend the days of your trip upon your return home by continuing to cook the food from where you were before or keep wearing the clothes from that location in order to remain in that same mind-frame.   Continue to read, watch videos, look at pictures from that location. Do not stop as it may then don on you that you are here and not there. Make some changes to your day to day schedule as well. It would not be a bad idea to incorporate some of the habits or practices that you noticed there.


In all it is not easy to simply forget the beautiful times that you may have had move on but you must force yourself to do so otherwise you will find yourself in a downward slope at all times.

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