Preparing For Your Trip To Italy

The history of Rome, the ruins of Pompeii, the beauty of Florence, the carnival of Venice, the road trips in Tuscany or the hikes in the Cinque Terre are all excellent reasons to visit Italy.

Few destinations combine the arts of the table, art museums, historical monuments and unique landscapes with such brilliance.

To make sure you do not miss anything, Nadine Gourkow has gathered some basic information based on her experience to help you prepare for this life-changing experience.


What You First Must Know

With a history dating back three millennia, Italy has a lot to tell. From the time of the gladiators to that of the artistic Renaissance and the dark years of the dictatorship, Italy has not ceased to reinvent itself and to fascinate tourist around the world.

The options out there when it comes to exploring the country are truly endless and any traveler will find what appeases to them according to the chosen regions. From amazing gourmet meals to historical discoveries or sports escapades; everything is possible in this beautiful European country

Italians are very expressive and passionate people, therefore, do not be surprised if you witness loud discussions between drivers on the street or flirtation from the locals on the streets as well. The gestures give a theatrical expression to any discussion. You also know the saying: “In Rome, we do as the Romans do”, well  Italians are proud of their culture and are particularly protective of their cuisine as well. A cappuccino is not ordered after 11 am and we do not put parmesan on pasta with seafood! Epicurean’s paradise Lively evenings, fine wines, generous cuisine, haute couture … Italy will give joy to epicurean travelers. They will be able to indulge in all of the pleasures without feeling any guilt. When in Italy, you must treat yourself! Eat tasty food within Rome; watch the sunsets in Cinque Terre; buy yourself some branded accessories in Milan’s fashion capital; and marvel at the works of Michelangelo!

Preparing For Your Vacation

Italy is imbued with so much romance, gastronomy, and beauty that it offers travelers an inexhaustible playground. Prepare your trip accordingly so that you do not miss anything.

Capital city
It is well known: all roads lead to Rome! The capital of Italy has made more than one traveler dream with its Colosseum, its Trevi fountain … and its pasta! Between vestiges of the time of the emperors and Baroque constructions, modern and noisy restaurants enliven the districts. Rome is a delicious mix of past and present.


The best time of the year to go there
April, June, September, and October

Inland, the continental climate brings heatwaves during the summertime and harsh winters in the colder seasons. On the coast and south of Italy, the country enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate with mild winters and dry summers. In summer, temperatures can reach 40 ° C in certain places, which is reminiscent of southern destinations. It would be better for you to tour the country in the morning and evening and take naps during the afternoon.

Currency and cost

220 volts

Getting There
It is very easy to find flights to Rome, Venice, Lamezia, Milan or Florence from North America. You will have no trouble flying to Italy!

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