The Best Time To Travel Down South

There are thousands of people that leave each year or even each month for the sole purpose of heading down South for a vacation. Though the trips down south usually go through all of the years there is a great majority of travelers during the cold season. Nadine Gourkow will explain how there are certain times during the year that are considered to be peak seasons and that are less interesting or more interesting to travel.

Beginning And The Ending Of The Season
Nadine would say that the best period to travel within the South is from early November to mid-December (usually until the weekend right before Christmas). The other favorable period to travel would be from early April until mid-June. In both cases, the temperatures down south are very pleasant to deal with and the rates are not too bad. The temperature seems not to be too hot nor too cold. Given the fact that a lot of the airline companies is aware of the increase of travelers they prepare themselves for it. They also increase the number of large aircrafts available that are going to the south which also decreases the cost of fares. Given the fact that the end of the travel season takes place around the month of April the cost of the fares also reflect those prices.
In the month of September, the fares for all-inclusive deals also decrease substantially due to the unstable weather conditions within the southern parts of America. Even though the weather is very moderate during November-December you must take into consideration that the sun also sets quite early so that would be one thing to consider when choosing your travel dates.

South America
Regarding South America, the temperatures within this part of the world are usually fairly mild throughout the whole year. However, it is necessary to take into consideration the different variations of climate between the coasts, as you can get more dry heat or more humidity or the temperature can fall drastically when around the mountainous areas.

Indeed, given the extent of South America and Central America as well as their different climates, it would be unrealistic to give one bad without being tempted to visit the other countries within the continent.

Colombia is very well visited from December to March, which is a period that is full of different festivals, but also from June to August tourist often visit the place in order to encounter the different beaches. In the event that you actually want to experience the different beaches, it would be highly recommended to travel during those specific months.

Mexico is also a very nice place to visit all through the yea. There are certain differences between parts of this very large country that is divided into several climate zones. When it comes to the cost there are not too many different variations, to the delight of tourists who enjoy the beaches. On the other hand, when one enters the inside towns that are smaller in size and that one goes up with altitude, the temperatures can fall drastically.

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