Choosing Your Travel Destination

Have Some Money Saved Up For A Trip? Where Do You Go Now?

It is great that you have successfully been able to save up some cash and have accumulated enough hours at work that can be put towards a trip! Now the big question is; where do you go from here??? Our beautiful planet earth consists of 7 continents, 195 countries, and 4416 cities. Where do you start? What continent would you like to start with? These are all very difficult question to answer when considering your limited funds and time. Nevertheless, the price of a trip is partly a matter of choice in the comfort you want. Although money makes it easier to travel more often and have higher comfort benefits, having a small budget does not exclude travel as such, but choices will have to be made both in terms of accommodation and even modes of transport. All this is a question of choice that must be respected.

First Things First

The first step is to define your budget and the season you want to leave. For the budget, do not forget to count the expenses related to the whole trip: plane tickets, car rental, accommodation, meals, and activities.

Nadine Gourkow gives different advice and tips on her website about how to make these choices. She has a habit of browsing the forums of sites such as the backpacker, travel-forum and of course many blogs that she discovers through the search engine. Also, she gives tips on how to ask yourself the right question in order to direct you to the right destination What would you like to do whiles traveling? Is it a trip where you would like to spend time in nature? Are you looking for a hot or cold location? Do you want to discover the buzzing cities or the outskirts and quiet locations? These are basic questions that you must first ask yourself in order to have an idea of what you would like to discover and what your ultimate goal is. When traveling with someone you may jot down all of your ideas on a piece of paper in order to then go through all the notes and see which one would be more reasonable and feasible to do.

Nadine gives some examples of destinations according to the temperature in Canada.

December-March: The West Indies (Guadeloupe, Martinique, etc), Asia (Thailand, China, Vietnam, etc.)
April- June: Costa Rica, Brazil, Peru: Central and Latin America and Eastern USA
July-September: Indonesia, Iceland, South Africa, Europe.
October-December: Argentina, Japan.

Here are some ideas of destinations specific to the discoveries you would like to make, this list is far from exhaustive:

Nature & Nature: Costa Rica, Reunion Island, Iceland, Argentina, Alaska.
Beaches & nautical activities: French Polynesia, The Caribbean, Maldives, Seychelles, Corsica.
City & Animation: New York, London, Amsterdam, Berlin.
City & Culture: Budapest, Prague, Rome, Paris.

Of course, if you want to leave at the ideal time, you would then enter the so-called “high season”, with prices at the highest (flights and accommodation up 2 to 3 times more expensive than in low season) and deal with tourists by thousands! In the event that you want to travel to that destination without paying the high season prices, you can leave in the low season or at the beginning or end of the high season. You will most probably be able to save some money and have some good time.

An example to this would be to travel to Thailand in the summer when the season is not the most favorable (high season is from January to March) in terms of weather, but prices are a bit cheaper but the weather can sometimes have some surprises.

Once you have been able to at least breakdown what your main motive is of traveling as well as what your budget is and what season you would like to travel in you can then find the best flight, hotel, transportation, eating areas and enterntainment that would suit your needs whiles on this trip.

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