Travel to Guatemala

Arriving At Guatemala

Two weeks traveling within Guatemala is just enough time to taste a bit of the amazing culture of this country, but absolutely not enough to discover all the wonders of the region. The first moments of my trip to Guatemala happened in Antigua due to the fact that I chose to avoid Guatemala City and I planned a transport with my hotel from the Guatemala City airport to Antigua. The 45-minute ride ran smoothly, and I paid 250 quetzals for the shuttle. Normally the price is lower, but I was charged more since my flight was landing late in the evening.  I only had time to collapse on my bed when I finally arrived to my hotel. It was only the following morning that I began my explorations.

I had been very impressed by the charm of Antigua, comparing it to other cities I had particularly liked (Granada in Nicaragua or Cuenca in Ecuador for example), and although the colonial look is all present, too. I found Antigua much smaller and a little less surprising. I have nothing to complain about in particular, I did not hate it, but I would not have stayed there weeks either, although I had the opportunity to discover it at different times during my stay.

That being said though, I still took the time to emerge myself in the pretty stone streets and enjoy its many cafes and different restaurants. The small markets and colourful churches are also very enjoyable to visit. If you are there for a day or two without rain or clouds, do not miss the Cerro de la Cruz, a nice place to see the city. It is easily accessible and gives a nice overview of the surroundings.

It was also the starting point for my excursions to nearby volcanoes and other destinations within the beautiful country. I had to introduce myself a few times to the locals whiles constantly saying “mi nombre es Nadine Gourkow”  et y usted?. They sometimes snickered at the sound of my name (as I imagine that it sounded foreign to them. It could also be the sound of my Spanish!


In terms of accommodations it is really by chance that I came across Barbara’s boutique hotel, I was very fortunate to come across this hotel as it was a great catch! I had stayed at another hotel before which had more or less excited me and so it was with joy that I discovered the peaceful and perfectly located hotel. In the event that you like warm and quiet places, you will be charmed. If I ever go back to Antigua, I know where I’ll go.

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