How Your Life Changes After You Travel

Traveling Solo

Do you want to travel solo? You are definitely not alone in this endeavor as so many people worldwide share that same desire but do not, unfortunately, have the courage to put it into action! What Nadine Gourkow can boldly say is that traveling solo will surely change your life. It is true that regardless of who you travel with, you will gain a life changing experience as well but nothing beats traveling by yourself to an unfamiliar part of this planet and having to challenge yourself to meet new people and explore on your own. We can surely conclude that traveling solo is more rewarding and special. It means relying on yourself for most of your stay, it also means that you can choose what you really want to do or not do, without worrying about others. No matter where you go and what you do you will come out changed.


Here are some reasons as to why traveling increases your physical, mental and emotional well being:


  • Your creativity level will increase substantially after some time spent traveling abroad just with yourself and absorbing everything that is going on around you, your creative energy will be able to draw much deeper into you to seek inspiration
  • You become a greater problem solver as you learn to ask yourself and define the basics of the problems that may come your way while using the creativity and experience you have gained when you have encountered the same situations during your travels. You become less reliant on others and more self-sufficient
  • Smartphone, computer, TV, tablet … The hardest part of traveling is to disconnect 100%. Traveling is the healthiest addiction, so look up from your screen and just admire what’s around you. The solo trip is perfect for chasing those bad habits and exploring the world with your instincts
  • When traveling you have the tendency to overcome greater heights as you encourage yourself to constantly press on in every stage
  • When traveling (especially by yourself), you have to put things in perspective and decide how much time you want to spend on your weaknesses.
  • You are able to live great life-changing circumstances that you would have never lived had you been in your routine lifestyle
  • You become more courageous as you overcome scary situations and are pushed out of your comfort zone
  • You become more independent
  • You benefit from learning a completely brand new language
  • You gain the privilege of meeting animals in their natural habitat, alone and surrounded by nature and wild creatures filled me with immense gratitude towards our beautiful planet
  • You get lost and find your way, which increases your navigation skills
  • You gain a sense of liberty and freedom as you navigate the new location when you want
  • You develop greater discipline skills as you budget your money and time accordingly to get the most out of your trip
  • You gain greater physical strength as you are forced to get out of the hotel and explore the location either by foot, car, bicycle or scooter
  • You will be able to appreciate the world as a whole better when you learn more about what this world is actually about and how we must continue placing efforts to maintain it

These are some few reasons as to why travelling will change your life all together. Nadine would have millions of reasons as to why it is profitable but she has listed the following to simply get your appetite wet!




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