Travelling To Argentina

When we trace the contours of Argentina on a world map, we are carried away to this ultimate point where the South American continent crumbles into islands, caught between the fire of two oceans. We can already imagine the adventure that one will have with such a trip to the far majestic parts of the world.
From the Tropic of Capricorn to the Strait of Magellan, from the mineral beauty of the Andes to the crash of the Iguazú Falls, from the deafening silence of the Patagonian steppes to the vibrant pampas under the gallop of gauchos, the cactus desert south of Salta to the folded and colored mountains of Quebrada, without forgetting the famous glacier Perito Moreno, the nature harbors in Argentina a singular strength, a theatrical and mythical dimension.

From the first explorers to the waves of European migrants of the twentieth century, to the adventurers like Bruce Chatwin, all made on the land of Argentina the ultimate travel destination. You will have great encounters with the land, the sea, the spirit of Latin America and the unknown.
When it comes to your time to travel, take advantage of the situation! Let yourself be immersed in the melody of tango, experience the nights of Buenos Aires, taste the sunny Cru of Mendoza, enjoy one of the best meats in the world, explore the wide variety of landscapes.
No doubt that this country with the fiercely Latin soul, sensual and passionate, will make a great impression. It could be that you fall in love with Argentina forever as Nadine Gourkow fell in love with this magnificent country.

Buenos Aires

Is a lost metropolis between the ocean and southern lands. The legendary city of tango, which is a dance born in the lowlands of the port. A cosmopolitan city that has seen generations of immigrants come from all over the world, making it a city of the Old Continent as well as the New World … Buenos Aires is a fascinating adventure for all!
For a European arriving here, the first impression is not really exotic. The population is similar to that of Southern Europe … and it is not a coincidence. Its inhabitants, the Porteños (“those of the port”), descended from the Spaniards then Italians, who have formed the bulk of the contingent landed on the banks of the Rio de la Plata since the late nineteenth century. The architecture of the center furiously evokes Madrid on the Avenida de Mayo or Paris in the upscale neighborhood of Recoleta.

Buenos Aires has turned into a city with 2 speeds which are all in contrasts to one another. Poverty is quite common, you will notice tin houses of the villas miserias, suburbs morose where thousands are left behind, while the neighborhoods of Recoleta, Palermo, and Belgrano look good.
In addition, if Buenos Aires is alive by day, it is a capital city that also knows how to live after sunset. Do not come back to bed at 23h under the pretext that the streets are not busy: the evening time is on the beginning!


Bordered by the Colorado River to the north and Cape Horn to the south, Patagonia is a desert territory with less than one inhabitant per square kilometer. Most of the land belongs to Argentina and the rest to Chile.
Patagonia is fascinating with its wide open spaces and its great diversity, the beauty of nature and the abundance of the animals that it shelters. How can you even stop gazing at the horizon of the desert plains to the Andean Cordillera? How can you remain insensitive to the serene beauty of the skies, mountains, and lakes of altitude?

On the north-eastern coast of Patagonia, the landscape is austere, arid, with windswept plains as far as the eye can see and small, modern towns with no great charm, born of the arrival of migrants to this end of the world. One does not come here for the architectural or cultural richnesses, but to approach a still wild nature, in particular, the marine fauna which abounds on the banks of the Valdes Peninsula.

The Strait way of Magellan separates the Tierra del Fuego, Tierra del Fuego, from the rest of South America.


Argentina has so much to offer the world. You must come and see it four yourself to believe how beautiful this country is!


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