What Do Vegans Eat?

What Is Veganism?

Veganism is a type of vegetarian diet that excludes meat, fish, eggs, dairy products and all the ingredients that are by-products from animals. Due to this fact, many vegans also do not eat products that go through processes by which an animal would have been used. An example of this would be refined white sugar and certain types of specific wines. Some choose to simply avoid food that is not fresh in order to avoid products that use animals during the manufacturing process. This is the definition of vegan in its strictest sense. The importance of eating well will never be overemphasized to Nadine Gourkow as she lives by the principle that you are what you eat and therefore must eat well in order to get the proper dietary components for strong functionality. To be a vegan is more than what is simply consumed, it means saying no to leather, fur or wool products. This is also the case for some makeup brands, which do not offer vegan makeup. When it comes to the vegan lifestyle and diet it is one of the most ambiguous topics that has been generated within the past few years.  A vegan diet includes cereal,  beans, starchy foods, vegetables,  fruits and all the foods that come from these mixtures. Nowadays, many well-known ingredients of our regular diet are offered in the vegan version as well. An example of that would be yogurt, hot dog or mayonnaise, burgers, bread and much more. These are made for this new vegan version, based on products that do not use the animal during the manufacturing process. Vegans eat so many products that are parts of a traditional diet, such as spaghetti or green salad.

How Can This Be Implemented? 

It is nearly impossible to retain the old habits and try to implement the new ones simultaneously. In the event that you want to effect change, you must be able to completely let go of one habit in order to incorporate another.  Changing your diet is the best way to discover new foods and adapt to a new routine. Contrary to the perception made by vegans, the lifestyle and dietary change is not easy to maintain or follow. Though today’s society offers us a very wide selection of foods and drinks that cater to this lifestyle it is still not easy to fulfil as there is so much information out there in regards to veganism and it is therefore difficult to know which to follow and which to reject. In basic terms, the main purpose of veganism is to fight cruelty to animals in any way shape or form.

As an individual, you can simply have your pure tomato sauce with your pasta without necessarily eating tomato sauce and minced meat. You can opt for vegetarian pizza instead of taking a pepperoni topping when you go out to dinner at the pizzeria. In the event that you are looking for a source of protein to accompany your vegetables, you can opt for tofu or seitan instead of meat or fish. Contrary to popular beliefs, tofu, when properly cooked and seasoned can be absolutely delicious! In addition, a large part of everyday products can be replaced by purely vegetable and fruit-based ingredients. This is also the case of dairy products, that have been introduced to the market and are made purely with ingredients such as almonds or soya (almond milk, soy milk …). It is possible to live a vegan lifestyle but certain measures must be put into place first and realistic goals have to bet set. Do not try to consume drinks and foods that do not taste good as you would only be setting youself up for failure. Do your best to incorporate a balanced diet that is good to eat.


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